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What LMT mobile tempered glass manufacturer China offers:

① Bulk 3D tempered glass screen protector wholesale.
② Custom 3D screen protector manufacturing service for phone accessories wholesalers, factory, companies, distributors, etc. (OEM & ODM service)

  • Newest 3D Glass Bent Technology. 3D tempered glass fits perfectly with the phone and protects the touch screen with 100% coverage. Therefore, it greatly reduces the chance of damage to the screen.
  • Best ultra-thin 3D touch durability screen protectors scratch proof and anti-explosion designed to reduce the risk of your screen being damaged. Our premium tempered glass is for iPhone, Samsung, LG phone, Huawei phone, Macbook and other, etc.
  • High quality. The 3d screen protector is made of high quality toughened glass. We can guarantee to provide high quality, 100% clarity and the best features of the product.
  • Advantages: durable, not broken edges, perfect and fashion appearance, the strong sense of three-dimensional, prevent and filter ultraviolet rays, sensitive operation, etc.
  • Hot Products: 3d glass screen protector iPhone 6, iPhone 6s glass screen protector, 3d screen protector iPhone 7/7 plus, iPhone 8 plus tempered glass screen protector, galaxy s7 3d tempered glass, LG g5 3d tempered glass, etc.
  • The MOQ, price, and delivery time differ from product to product, so please contact us to know the specific information. Instant quote.
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