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What LMT tempered glass screen protector manufacturer offers:

① Bulk 2.5D tempered glass screen protector stock wholesale.
② Custom 2.5D screen protector tempered glass manufacturing service. (OEM & ODM service)

  • High-quality material. The best tempered glass screen protectors are made from a Gorilla glass material with scratch resistant technology and anti-explosion function, and that’s what LeMoTong company provide. The quality is so good that the mobile phones can be protected from broken screens.
  • Excellent protection. 2.5D tempered glass has many advantages. First, it has a smooth and natural arc edge. Second, it has a certain buffer effect on the impact, and it has strong resistance to breakage. In addition, curved edge tempered glass shines brightly in the light, and it fits perfectly into the body for better visual effects. All of this advantages can perfectly protect our mobile phone.
  • Wide range of applications. We not only provide 2.5D tempered glass protectors for mobile phones, but also provide identical protectors for Macbook, computers, flat panels and other devices.
  • Amazing price and delivery service. We give a low wholesale price for you. Besides, if you buy more, you can save more. According to different screen protectors, factions and receiving area, the delivery time will not be the same, you can consult us if you want.
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