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What is a TPU Case?

With the popularity of digital products, like the smartphone, Apple laptop, tablets, Kindle, the derivatives, and accessories are also becoming increasingly popular, especially the protective case, the protective cell phone case for the smartphone, the protective case for tablet and the protective cover skins for Macbook, etc. More and more people use the protective case to show their personality and protect their digital products.

There are so many kinds of phone cases and tablet covers and more protective covers for digital products, and different of material with different design phone case & cover available for choice in the market. You may shop a cell phone case and find the description like ” made by TPU material ” or ” it’s the TPU case”. However, do you know what does TPU mean? What is a TPU Case? How to bulk prefect TPU covers? How to clean TPU case? Ok, LeMotong professional phone case manufacturer will give you the detailed introduction.

What is the TPU?

TPU is short for Thermoplastic Urethane, which is a highly versatile elastomer with unique properties that offer both superior performance and processing flexibility. TPU is the ideal polymer for applications in a wide variety of markets, including footwear, adhesives and specialty molding. TPU has been providing benefits to designers, manufacturers and end users for over 50 years.

The key to TPU’s versatility is that its hardness can be highly customized. It can be as soft as rubber or as hard as rigid plastic, the look and feel of TPU are just as versatile. It can be transparent or colored as well as smooth to the touch or provide grip. This feature determines that TPU material can be widely used in many fields, such as TPU phone case and TPU iPad covers, also can be a mixture with PC material to be hybrid TPU PC phone cases.

So, what’ the advantage of TPU/ TPU phone case?

TPU is the perfect material for phone cases, you can enjoy many benefits from the tpu cell phone covers :

  • Excellent abrasion resistance,
  • Outstanding wear resistance,
  • Excellent low-temperature flexibility,
  • Super durability
  • Many designs available
  • Shock protection
  • Protects corners
  • Color-rich
  • Soft hand touch comes from the tpu soft phone cases

How does the TPU phone case / TPU rubber phone case protect your phone?

Soft, rubber-like TPU material is comfortable in your hands and isn’t slippery. The smooth plastic, metal, and glass used on the smartphones can sometimes be a little difficult to hold, but put it in a case makes it less slippery, and also protects it in case you do drop the mobile phone. Nowadays, most people use their iPhone constantly throughout the day. it is necessary that spend time making sure you buy comfortable, attractive and functional clothes for your iPhone, Samsung, Huawei because you wear them all day.

TPU case is soft and comfortable but also has enough grip to be easy to hold. TPU mobile case shell is a case that wraps around your phone and cushions it from falls will drastically reduce the possibility of cracking your screen or damaging your phone. Having said that, TPU is a durable material, TPU plastic case resists most minor scratches and tears. TPU’s rubbery feel also means it is still comfortable to hold with scratches in it, unlike hard plastic, which gets sharp, jagged edges when cut.

If you’ve never used a TPU protective phone case before, you probably don’t realize what you are missing. You may want to try out one to feel it for yourself, here there some points for you to choose a good TPU case.

How to choose a good TPU phone case?

Before you buy a TPU case or wholesale TPU phone case in bulk, there are four points you should be cleared.

  • Price

First and the most import is the price. Good price comes with good quality, also same for tpu material case. It’s the economic rule that the price can’t be taken separately from the price. If it’s cost very low, don’t expect too much.

  • Feel

The feeling is the second consideration whether is it smooth or comfortable to hold in hand. Clear TPU case with the good material will be crystal clear without impurities, you can judge it with the naked eye, very transparent phone cases.

  • Fit

There are a lot of cases which are tailor-made for some specific cell phones types, you should aware of whether the cover case suits your smartphones. Good quality mold tooling is very important, only good mold can produce the best phone protector case which matches it very well, that’s an important reason why good quality phone case cost much.

  • Button Access

It can be classified as a detail of a case. You should try it or ask the vendor if the cut-out of your smartphone’s camera, volume, and charge port can be easily touched and use.

How to clean tpu case?

Usually, in the process of manufacture, LeMoTong phone case manufacturer always make TPU phone case adding a layer of protective coating, in order to enhance the resistance to the usability of TPU phone protective shell, and easy to clean can make the TPU material phone cover offer your mobile phone protection fully and easily.

Above all, have you got the secrets of TPU case?

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