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3D Curved Tempered Glass Anti Scratch Screen Protector

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Material: 9H Tempered Glass

Screen Protector Type:  3D curved anti scratch tempered glass

Color: Transparent,  Matte transparent or customized

Using the latest 3D glass bending technology, we can perfectly combine the screen protector with the mobile phone, so that people’s mobile phones can be protected by a full range of glass screen protector and reduce the possibility of cell phone damage. This tempered glass screen protector has a comfortable touch and gives the user a good experience. LeMoTong tempered glass manufacturer can offer the best 3D curved screen protector, which has a perfect and fashion appearance that can appeal to you.


3D curved screen protector used the newest 3D glass bending technology is made of an astounding 9H tempered glass. This curved tempered glass has many advantages over other glass protectors, such as scratch-resistant, explosion-proof, durable, which has a perfectly stylish appearance with a strong three-dimensional feel and agile operation. However, the most prominent feature of the 3D curved tempered glass is full coverage of 100%, completely wrapped up the phone. This feature, which is difficult to do other screen guards, can give your phone the best protector. Under the premise of being able to protect your mobile phone very well, high definition and sensitive touch can make you very comfortable to use.

When you want to wholesale tempered glass screen protector, such as iPhone 6/6s screen protector, other competitors may be able to wholesale you at a lower price but they can not guarantee the quality. LeMoTong tempered glass company have reliable suppliers and the most rigorous production processes to ensure that our quality is the best, so you can choose us with confidence.


  • The anti-scratch screen protector is preferably made of a glass material.
  • The 360-degree full coverage feature provides good protection for mobile phones.
  • High toughness of the glass screen protector will make your phone look like no film.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Good non scratch and explosion-proof performance.
  • 3D Raised edges around glass screen can protect the front display screen.

Pasting Instructions : 

  1. The original screen protector should be removed first.
  2. Clean the surface of the phone with alcohol.
  3. Use an electrostatic precipitator to clean the screen.
  4. Remove the protector over the tempered glass, align the screen cover with space and edge, and slowly lower it.
  5. Gently press on the center of the film with your finger to allow it to automatically stick to the screen.
  6. If there are some small bubbles, wipe them with a clean cloth and remove them.

Wholesale Information

  • Availability: In stock   MOQ: 100 pcs.
  • Custom order: LeMoTong scratch guard screen protector manufacturer can provide custom tempered glass order. Every client can customize the phone model, logo, and packaging according to personal requirements. MOQ: 500 pcs.
  • Factory price & Timely delivery time.
  • Models available : iPhone 6/6s screen protector, Galaxy s5 edge screen protector, Samsung galaxy s6 edge glass screen protector, Samsung galaxy s7 edge screen protector/galaxy s7 edge tempered glass, Samsung galaxy s8 edge screen glass, Samsung galaxy s9 plus screen cover, Samsung note 5 glass protector, Samsung note 7 screen guard, Samsung note 8 tempered glass screen protector, Note edge screen protector.
  • Tempered glass vs Gorilla glass: Gorilla glass is the best quality glass for phone tempered glass screen protector material, very suitable for developing your branding and premium quality tempered glass wholesale.


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