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Best Phone Case Manufacturers List in 2019

A smartphone case is considered essential for people who drop their phones frequently, as it provides some protection against bumps and scratches. These cases help protect your smartphone from accidental damage and a good case helps protect it for a longer time. A perfect case for the phone not only helps protect your device but also adds some stylish points.

There are so many different types of cases for smartphones, such as a transparent case, a rugged case, a TPU case, a sleek case and many more that can survive almost anything. In the production of these mobile phone covers, so many phone case manufacturers have surfaced.

The following listed and discussed below are some of the best phone case manufacturers in 2019.

  • Lemotong

LeMoTong, a professional mobile phone accessories manufacturer in China with more than 10 years of experience, has always been committed to offering one-stop cell phone accessories OEM/ODM service for global mobile phone accessories suppliers, wholesalers, brands, companies, and distributions. Our main product types include custom phone cases, iPhone data charger cables, tempered glass screen protector, car phone holders, phone ring holder, and others.

  • Incipio

When it comes to cases and cases for smartphones, incipio is a recognized brand in the mobile phone case market in 2019. It offers practical cases, folio cases, cases with a unique style and designs with protection for your device. Firstly, incipio began to manufacture the double layer protection and Incipio DualPro was the most popular case manufactured by this manufacturer. Your smartphone does not look like a brick and it even provides military-grade protection against falls and accidental bumps. The good thing about Incipio is that you can have a wide variety of cases to choose from among the most popular brands of smartphone manufacturers. The price range is also reasonable since you can buy cases from $ 20 to $ 80, which is affordable for everyone.

  • Speck

This is another brand in the market that sells Samsung and Apple iPhone cases in 2019. Mostly, you will find this case for recently launched Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 +, S9, S9 +. For the latest iPhone devices, such as the iPhone XS, the iPhone X, the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XR and many more cases you can find out on Speck. There are also many more cases for other mobile phones that you can find on the Speck page online.

  • Poetic

Poetic is another manufacturer of more protective phone cases that produces a rugged case for tablet devices, for smartphones and many more. Their cases are not the most expensive, but they are affordable and cheap for everyone. Poetic has some of the best fall protection cell phone cases in its product listings that effectively protect your device from accidental fall. Unlike other protective cases for cell phones, this brand is especially focused on the manufacture and sale of phone cases. You can find stronger phone cases for your device in their product list.

  • Ringke

If you’re looking for low-profile smartphone cases that offer some protection without adding bulk or thickness to your smartphone, Ringke cases are the way to go. Of course, the company has some semi-resistant options, wallet cases and more are available also, but the most popular options are undoubtedly the slim series of cases available. One of Ringke’s most popular case series is the Fusion series. These TPU cases are transparent and allow you to show the design of the smartphone. They add minimal bulkiness and thickness to the device but come with a bumper that absorbs shock to keep the phone safe from accidental knocks and drops.

  • Maxboost

Maxboost also manufactures car chargers, screen protectors, car carriers and many more. They make cell phone cases for most brands, but Galaxy Note 9, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 6s, iPhone XR are the most popular cases sold online. You can keep your credit cards and money in your smartphone cover. If you do not drop your smartphone frequently and want to keep your credit cards on hand, you can review this case. Maxboost not only manufactures cases for Android phones but also produces other accessories for smartphones such as support for car phone, USB chargers for cars, screen protectors, USB wall chargers and many more items like this.

  • Spigen

Whenever you plan to buy third-party accessories from a smartphone manufacturer, Spigen will be first on your mind. It is the manufacturer of various cases for smartphones according to consumer needs, including hybrid cases, sturdy cases with double layer protection, thin TPU case and many more. They have manufactured some cases that provide military-grade protection, for example. Neo hybrid and robust armor. This company manufactures cases for Samsung, Oppo, ZTE, LYF, iPhone, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, LG, One + or etc., and many other smartphone brands as well. Not only is it limited to Android, but it can also be called the best brand of iPhone covers of all.

  • Tech21

Like most cases online, you can discover the cases of Samsung and Apple in Tech21. There are too many difficult cases in the market, which will even make the side button of your phone, like the volume button or the power button hard to press But not in this case. If you are looking for a light and comfortable case to hold, you should review Tech21 online.

  • OtterBox

Unlike other phone cases companies, Otterbox also manufactures phone cases for iPhone and Android mobile phones. The company has a number of different cases, but when it comes to comprehensive protection, you’ll be looking for the Defender and Symmetry series. The Symmetry case is the more elegant of the two and does not add as much bulk to the device as the Defender case. However, you still get full protection against impacts while the latter adds a built-in screen protector and also comes with a holster that attaches to the belt and can also serve as a kickstand. In addition, they make USB chargers, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, micro USB cables, and other accessories for Android and iPhone devices.


These are the summaries of some of the best phone case manufacturers in 2019, based on devices supported, type of protection, and price. That said, there are a lot of options available, so be sure to check out for the best case lists for individual smartphones to find even more choices.

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