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iPhone X Solar Phone Case

Apple’s iPhone X is already the most expensive iPhone so far, but can you imagine it? Such a mobile phone case, its price exceeds the iPhoneX itself, anyway, I have already served, I feel deeply limited by the poverty of my imagination.

tesla solar phone case

Recently, Caviar, a well-known Russian mobile phone accessory manufacturer, launched such an exclusive iPhone X case, which is made of carbon fiber and pure gold, and is accompanied by an oversized solar panel that can instantly charge the iPhone X. The perfect solar phone case.

tesla solar phone cases pure gold phone case

It is reported that Caviar named the “Tyrant” mobile phone shell “Tesla”, it does not support a separate purchase, like the user must be ordered together with the iPhone X. It is reported that “Tesla” with a 64GB iPhone X purchase of USD$4897 dollars, with 256GB iPhone X purchase of USD$5155 dollars.

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