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How to Start a Phone Case Business: The Ultimate Guide 2019

Today, there are more mobile phones than there are people around the world. The cost of Ideal smartphones normally ranges between $200 to $1000 (and more) and therefore customers wouldn’t feel a pinch spending about $10 – $50 on a case that would protect their ‘grand’ investment.

People are constantly looking for new cases the fact that new phones are being released yearly. There are individuals who might have upgraded their phone and they feel old casing doesn’t fit perfectly. Some are on the hunt for an ideal casing for their new phones while others are looking for an interesting or unique design to give an upgrade to their old phones.

This gives a substantial market potential for entrepreneurs who want to venture into the Phone Case Business because every new phone model would demand different varieties of phone casing to the clients. There is a low overhead for anyone who would like to get started which implies a huge market opportunity combined with a high perceived value.

Before You Get Started

First things first, you need to know the types of phone cases you are going to sell and where to get designs for the phone cases. If you have been in business before, you will agree that it is important to have knowledge of what designs will be popular. No entrepreneur would want to risk their capital on something that wouldn’t yield returns. Lastly, where will you sell your phone cases? Location of the business is one of the most important factors people consider when starting a venture.

Types of Phone Cases You Need to Know

You will find phone cases that are more visually appealing while some are practical and offer protection. Although there are a multitude of options to consider, we selected the most common types that can set you on the road;

  • Bumper cases

Bumper cases usually cover the border and sides of your smartphone. The material used to make these cases are usually harder and shock-resistant to offer substantial protection from dings and scratches. Bumper cases come with an additional piece that protects the back from scratches. They can also be minimalistic which implies that they only cover the edges of your phone.

  • Slim and Gel Cases

These cases allow you to add some additional grip to your smartphone and they are often backed up by an eye-catching design. The grip is fostered through a silicone gel material that is flexible and rubbery. They are among the cheapest phone cases that can be customized with various designs.

  • Liquid Glitter Case

This kind of bling phone cases are very beautiful and they are quite welcome with the girls and women. The glitter quicksand will move around when you rotate the mobile phone case! They really sparkle in the light!

  • Wood Phone Case

Every wood phone case is unique because that no two pieces of wood are the same in the world. It truly is a one-of-a-kind case. With the improvement of manufacture technology, the wood covers have been durable enough and can withstand a daily drop, or slide across the ground.

  • Leather Phone Case

Made from premium leather, so the outside feels very soft to the touch and can develop a natural patina over time. This kind of phone cases are more expensive and it can be called the luxury phone case.

  • Battery cases

Regardless of the phone you have, battery life has always been an issue of concern for most individuals. They might be costly in the list but they offer a lot of utility and are very practical. Besides offering protection to your phone, battery cases usually provide an extra charge when you are on the go.

  • Folio or Wallet Cases

These cases come with a cover that protects your screen from scratches or dust. It usually resembles a wallet where you use it only when needed and closed when not in use. The same case applies to these type of cases which make a mobile phone look like a small notebook.

  • Analyze the Accessory Market – Find a niche

It is not all about choosing the designs of phone cases that will be intriguing to your customers but it also involves the type of smartphones you want to support. You can also look further into specific niche depending on the popular phone models. There may be also an opportunity to consider when you spot any underserved types of a smartphone or when you foresee the need for new cases on upcoming smartphones.

What will your business specialize in? What is your niche? Analyze the space occupied by your business including your branding, content, message and your company’s culture. With the growing competition in the accessory market, people need to identify with you and choose your products over the competition.

  • Incorporating Unique Designs

One of the biggest differentiators when selling any accessory is the design. It can either kill or lift your business based on the choices you make. It is important to know that not all phone case suppliers will print the design on both sides of the case. Don’t just bet on one idea, try sourcing different designs so that you can get feedback as soon as possible.

Before implementing a design, try posting them on social media such as Instagram and Facebook to see their user engagement. Ask your family and friends for their input. Through your designs, people who feel passionate about a particular interest will give you a competitive edge in terms of gaining interest from the public.

  • Meet Legal Requirements To Find The Right Location

Your business has to be legal and thus you will need a business license. Contact the government agencies in your area who will give you a permit to run your phone case business legally. Afterward, you can decide on the right location to put your premises while considering high traffic zone.

  • Work With A Reliable Manufacturer

If you want to maximize your profits, then it is important to find a manufacturer whom you can work with. Purchasing in bulk helps you to enjoy reasonable discounts and also have a regular supply to your premises. Partnering with a local manufacturer appeals to customers who are interested in purchasing from business in their own country. Always start with samples before you take the bulk orders.

Having a large inventory at hand doesn’t guarantee that you will make sales. However, sales can help you make a decision on which cases to purchase so that you don’t end up with dead stock in your premises.

If you are not creative enough to make your own phone cases, then you can use a drop shipping model that allows you to concentrate more on making sales and building a website. The only difference is that you will have little control over the products but the shipping, and fulfillment will all be taken care of.

  • Take Your Business Online

The only way to achieve great results is by going wide and the best decision you can ever make to your business is by selling your phone cases online. Marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy are some of the best places to list your phone cases. However, you can choose to open an online store that is tailored to your own brand as you expand your marketing efforts and build a long-term business. You can also choose to sell them offline in your premises for the local marker while doing it online.

Recommended Channels for marketing you phone case business

Every entrepreneur who aspires to achieve great results would go an extra mile when marketing their business. Now that you are offering a solution to people who need different case designs for their smartphones, what are the effective marketing channels you can use?

  • Search Engine Marketing

One of the best ways to reach people who are looking for specific phone cases is by using search engine marketing such as AdWords. The rationale for buying involved in these searches implies that you get the most relevant click-through to the phones you support as well as the designs you offer.

  • Influencer Marketing

You can harness the influence of established audiences to reach to a wider group by partnering with Instagrammers, YouTubers, and micro-celebrities.

  • Social Media Marketing

Instagram is a perfect social platform where you can share your designs with the world. You also get the option for paid advertising because of audience engagement. Facebook advertising works very well, especially when targeting a particular interest group.

Create Your Listings And Perfect Your Production Process

You shouldn’t have issues fulfilling orders regardless of the methods you will use to sell your phone cases. The difference between a business that brings you a headache and one that brings in extra income every month is getting production right as well as the crux of your operation. To help put your business on autopilot when selling your phone cases online, you need to put some basic advertising and set up your listing. A good listing helps you attract customers by offering a unique proposition while selling them on your brand vision before closing the sale. 

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