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How Are Phone Cases Made?

How are Phone Cases Made?

The phone case manufacturing process:

1. Creating a mold for the phone case. The mold, for the phone case, is usually different based on different models and different styles. You can benefit a lot when a new model for a phone is available in the market if you follow some trending models, a China case factory for phones with a model department of its own, and resource in obtaining the data of recent models.

You can request that a China phone case supplier create a mold just for you, it will cost you between $3000 to $5000 based on the designs you want. Making a mold can take 20 days to 23 days. Creating a good mold means so much for a product. A good mold for a phone case should have perfect performance, in details as well. If anything wrong should happen, this will affect how the case will look and function.

In China’s wholesale phone case markets, lots of cases for mobile phones in malposition cannot fit the phone perfectly. Some of these cases have sharp edges, and so on, because something went wrong when making the mold.

2. Once the manufacturing of the mold is done, it will be used to make the case. To produce the case, the mold is transferred to the injection molding machine. The first model is finished. You can produce about 5000 to 20000 pieces every day based on the different models and material using this machine.

Normally, the material is plastic, leather or silicone. But now new and modern models exist that combines different materials, such as the mech combo with silicone trending in South America market and the hybrid with stand trending in the US market.

3. The phone case will still be in an initial state in the factory, the next work to perform include:

  • Torn edges – injection of oil (UV, NOT UV) – decoration craft
  • The phone case color will come from two ways; one involves producing the case with a colorful material and the older involves using a white material to produce the case and different oil will be used to paint the case in different colors.
  • UV: making it look more glaring.

4. Other technology involved

In creating more beautiful China wholesale phone cases, more patterns can be printed on the cover. They normally include:

  1. Water transfer print: The pattern is first printed in paper then it is pasted on the cover under water; thus the name, water-print. After pasting the pattern, you can use UV or NOT UV. The disadvantage about this is that you have color difference when printing the pattern; this is very difficult to control.
  2. Screen printing: this is used to print small words or logo.
  3. IMD or In-Mold Decoration: This include IML, IMR, IMF, and it is another method to print patterns when using machine to make mobile phone cases. The pattern comes out with the mold. The pattern, however, will only appear on the back of the phone case or cover.
  4. Laser carve: This method is usually used to carve the logo, making the logo look more attractive. Now, laser carve can be used to print pattern on phone cases, you will feel the pattern when you touch the mobile phone cover.
  5. Electroplating: This technology is generally used for producing mobile phone covers. With electroplating technology, you can achieve different varieties of quality-metallic colors for phone cases. Another thing about this technology is that the firmness of the color is very strong, making the case color last longer, brighter and newer. You can also apply electroplate mirror effects. This mirror effect is a type of electroplate color; it adds a type of function for the phone cover accordingly, in the right occasions. You can use this as your environment, it will help you in arranging hair at any given time.

6. Quicksand: This tech is used in mobile covers, it offers bling-bling designs and glitter-style more options. This is becoming popular amongst users, and it can be used to customize the color and shape of personalized decorations beyond your imagination. With latest quicksand technology, it’s possible to obtain luminous quicksand phone shell, creating covers that emit light in darkness.

7. Heat transfer printing. This process makes the mobile phone color more colorful and rich. This method addresses the issue of small batch customization, which can be customized for your own mobile phones or customized by Chinese factories, allowing every user have a personal mobile phone cover.

8. Leather pasting. With improvements in leather pasting tech, the use of phone case products on an advanced level, especially in leather, high-end atmosphere business design, offers good material support. Besides this, leather pasting is durable. A mark will also appear when it is used for a long time, adding more flavor to the phone.

9. Package. When it comes to package, you can design it based on your logo, brand, company, and so on. The MOQ for paper box is about 2000 to 5000 pieces and 10000 to 20000 pieces for plastic bag. The cost for plastic bag is very affordable. It usually cost 0.2 cents per piece. For paper box, it cost 0.2 to 0.5 cents per piece.

Packaging is a crucial process of brand building. How successful a package design will be will directly determine the positioning of the brand image, a color that will fit the brand tone, gorgeous appearance and reasonable cost. The packaging should also consider that the user’s experience is cost-effective.

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