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Top Selling Cell Phone Accessories List 2018

We all know that buying a desired phone isn’t the end, there is a need to purchase all other mobile phone accessories to update your phone kit. There is a necessity for phone case to protect your phone from a spill and pour, phone ringer holder to prevent misplacing phone, carbon fiber-tempered glass screen protector, leather phone pouch, phone card holder to enhance the beauty of the phone.

Especially when you are running a cell phone accessories wholesale or retail business, this post will help you a lot. There are various kinds of top selling cell phone accessories which will be highlighted below.

  • Protective phone cases

In addition to adding to the aesthetic of the phone, it also protects the phone from bumps, drops, and element. They are always manufactured with button covers and built-in protection.

  • Pocket power 10k power bank

This is an alternative means of charging your phone especially when you will be out of town. Its capacity is about 10,000mAh that can charge the phone twice. It is also sleek enough to be kept in purse and pocket.

  • Len attachment

AMR 3 in 1  product consist of three different camera lens attached to a black chip. It enhances the picture quality of the phone while enabling taking close up pictures and panoramic shot.  It is usually attached to the camera of the device and can be fitted into the pocket. It enables entire landscape and a shot extremely detailed close-up.

  • Keyboard

Some people used their phone just like a computer and are not comfortable with the touchpad abilities of the keyboard. They still prefer the local keyboard feel. This introduced the Byone foldable Bluetooth keyboard that can connect easily with and phone and folded afterward and kept in a purse. It is one of the top-selling  accessories

  • Waterproof Phone case

This is a complete protection for the phone and enables the phone to be used underwater as low at 100 feet and 

enables pictures to be snapped. The top selling product is the O case waterproof case that carefully protects the device under water.

  • Wood phone case

Unique natural wood grain can ensure every item to be the unique one in the world. Wooden phone case is one of most popular cell phone accessories in the youth group.  Click here to wholesale woodenphone cases.

  • Pop socket

Various people use a pop socket but you can redefine your style by getting the crystal pop socket. It is stylish and will get people talking when you pick up your phone to text. The Swarovski crystal pop sockets are one of the best selling right now.

  • Headphone

You can now enjoy your music without noise and echo with Bowers and Wilkins pX headphone which give an ultra quality sound. It is one of the top-selling accessories this year and worth every penny you spend on it. It connects to your device via Bluetooth so no need for wires hanging around. It has a strong standby battery and can go about 1O hours without charging.

  • Boost me up wireless charging pad

This is a very convenient method of charging as the product is sleek and connect wirelessly with the phone. Just as the name implies it charge the phone at the speed of rocket about 15% faster than other chargers.

  • Selfie sticks

There is a different manufacturer of self-stick but Mpow snap X selfie stands out, it is a telescopic arm extender gadget that enables one snap conveniently showing the beautiful landscape. It is enabled with a Bluetooth device that makes a connection with the phone very easy. It can be used to take a snapshot of a group of people without straining the arms. It is adapted with 270-degree rotation and an ability to collapse to about 3.1 inches to fit into pocket and purse. It is designed to be compatible with different sizes of phone ranging from 2.1-3.3 inch. This is one accessory that should never be absent when going for an event or going to visit friends.

  •  Tempered glass screen protector

These are thin lightweight cover used to shield phone device against smudges and messy fingerprints. They are now upgraded to one oleophobic coating. It is a top-selling accessory that is most times found attached with protective cases.

All these mobile accessories and more including tripod stand, leather phone pouch, phone card holder, external batteries,  magnetic charger and much more can be gotten from LeMoTong mobile accessories manufacturers.

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