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A Ultimate Guide to Finding a Reliable Phone Case Manufacturer in China 2019

The increasing demand and popularity of mobile devices have led to the emergence of a robust phone case industry. Cases for mobile phones serve more than being a protecting item – phone cases have grown into something fashionable and stylish, giving users a way to express themselves; thus, increasing the market demand for phone cases. Subsequently, businesses supplying cases with amazing designs, text, and logos for mobile devices have sprung up. Mobile device users have reacted well to the prospect of using phone cases – as a means of protection and decoration.

Also, fresh/different ways of using phone cases have gained market traction. Businesses and schools have started buying phone cases decorated with their brand or logo either to use them as a means of identification or promotion. It’s no surprise why the phone case industry enjoys rapid growth continues as businesses look for profitable ways of meeting both consumer and corporate demand. Since large case quantities are required by some retailers, educational facilities and business, it’s important they find case manufacturers capable of supplying them with the products they desire.

If you have plans to start a phone case business of your own or supply your school or company with phone cases for resale or promotional purposes, you can make use of this guide to get relevant information as well as all the advice you may need to begin. You can avoid making costly mistakes by following the tips and steps in this guide, and you will also learn how to select the best phone case manufacturer to supply the product you desire.

  • Chapter one talks about the manufacturing of phone case and identifies individuals in need of a reliable supplier.
  • Chapter two emphasize everything you have to know before choosing the right manufacturer. This includes design, artwork, material, and price.
  • Chapter three deliberates on resources you need to use in finding the best phone case manufacturer
  • Chapter four informs you of what to do when you get in touch with manufacturers and offer guides on the right questions to ask so as to make the right decision.
  • Chapter five offers indicators for handling the process of manufacturing. It allows you to navigate the preliminary stages, obtaining samples, and design refining. This guide will also teach you how to plan for your product production and shipment.
  • Chapter six will guide you to the final result after you receive your customized case and put them to use.


Chapter 1: Why You Need a Good Phone Case Manufacturer

The increasing demand for phone cases offers different business owners opportunities to meet the expectations of mobile users while benefiting from the profitable niche in the market. You can also benefit from the phone case market regardless of what you want to be, either a wholesaler or retailer. To begin, it’s essential you are knowledgeable of phone case production and find a good manufacturer capable of supplying your phone case business.

What is Phone Case Manufacturing? 

Let’s assume you plan on selling your product through e-commerce platforms. Obviously, you need to have someone to design and produce these phone cases so you can supply to your target market and meet the needs and expectations of both individual and B2B customers.

Manufacturing of phone cases is handled by companies specialized in product design and process planning; these companies manufacture phone cases from a different variety of materials. Some of the conventional materials used in manufacturing cases include leather, plastic, wood, and silicone. Every phone model or tablet case needs a unique design; thus, the manufacturers should be able to customize phone cases for production.

When a phone case reaches the final consumer, the sale price normally lies between 20 USD to 80 USD. Different market studies have shown that nearly three-quarters of all phone users make use of a case, creating a market that generates billions of dollars. Now you understand why the phone case niche is a hot trend; there’s a lot of money on the table.

Why Do You need to Find a Phone Case Manufacturer?

Cases for mobile devices are bought not only by people who want to protect and personalize their mobile devices but also by companies, educational facilities, stores, and so on. Some buy phone cases to sell and make profits from the phone case market, while others use phone cases for promotions. You may be under any of these categories. If so, the reasons below will explain why it’s important you find the right phone case manufacturer, irrespective of the organization you represent.

  • Retail

The high demand for phone cases makes them fit naturally into any traditional or online retail environment. You can sell cases for mobile devices at a high price whether you own an e-commerce website or a brick-and-mortar store, making phone case a profitable product.

As a retailer, you can expand your product portfolio and create more chances to cross-sell to customers when you sell phone cases. However, consumers desire high-quality phone cases, so it’s mandatory you go for trustworthy manufacturers capable of supplying you with quality phone cases. You can form a mutually beneficial partnership after finding the right manufacturer for your phone cases.

  • Corporate & Promotional Reasons

Cases for phones and tablets can be used by businesses or corporate organization to protect assets used by their staff. Furthermore, customized cases with a corporate logo help identify items belonging to a company and as a result, promote unity within the organization. You can also provide your staff with customized cases to use on their personal devices, more like a bonus or benefit for working with your organization.

You may also want to purchase phone or tablet cases for promotional purposes if you own or manage a business. For instance, you can offer your branded phone cases free of charge in exchange for minimum order, or you can give these items at sponsored community events or trade fairs. By giving customized cases/covers bearing your business name, logo and contact information to people for free, you are equally using this means to create more awareness of your company or brand – people who use these customized cases on their devices become your ambassadors.

  • Education

Almost all schools and universities make use of devices that will benefit from covers and cases; thus, educational institutions can become a natural market in need of a trustworthy phone case manufacturer.

These educational institutions can order for phone cases to contain the name and logo of the school as a means to identify and protect properties belonging to the school. The school can also promote school spirit by selling branded phone or tablet cases to students. You can seize this opportunity to make profits if you work in an institution by finding a reliable manufacturer capable of supplying high-quality and attractive covers or cases.

Chapter 2: Knowing What You Want

1. Style of Cases

The style of cases you desire will directly influence your choice of a manufacturer for phone cases. If you are not certain about the type of style you desire, take your time and observe the products currently available in the market. As a retailer, for instance, you can use your time in researching the market to discover what your potential customer desire in a phone case. Your choice can be influenced by the style you seek.

  • Design of Artwork for Cases

Reflect on the type of artwork you want your cases to have. How do you want your phone cases to appear? You may need corporate logos inscribed on folios if you need these cases for corporate organizations. Likewise, cases designed for the school environment may require rugged cases bearing the school name. You have to consider the visual appearance irrespective of the environment your cases or covers will be used.

Consider the logo size and text printed on your covers or cases, and be knowledgeable of the different available methods for customizing them. Another thing to think of is the background colors or images that can be imprinted on your product. You can find manufacturers for cases or covers that will work closely with you to help you identify the artwork that suits your style.

  • Industrial Design (ID)

Your manufacturing partner can help you achieve the right balance among ID factors such as appearance, value and function. You may be required to make some concessions on your ideal style either to accommodate your manufacturer’s capabilities or to control your costs. Have at the back of your mind during negotiations that new design elements may require your case manufacturer to develop new materials, molds, and tools to meet your expectations. Not all manufacturers are capable of creating an entirely new ID with you, and those capable may charge a lot of money for setup.

  • Additional Features

You need to choose that special features you want your cases or covers to have. For instance, you may want your product to have a rotate function so it will have an edge over other products in the market. Other possible added features you might be familiar with in the market may include wallet cases or flit cases.

You can enhance your product value with other decorative and functional elements. So study your options and decide on the ones that will complement the rest of your style.

2. Material of Cases

You can decide to make your covers or cases from different materials. However, have at the back of your mind that the material you choose might influence the number of case manufacturers that are available to you. You might have seen cases or covers produced from popular materials like leather, gel or hard materials, and every one of these materials has their benefits.

Gel, for instance, provides phones and tablets with a protective layer. Cases made out of them can absorb shock and are difficult to crack. Another thing to note about gel cases is that they are flexible and easy to hold.

Leather and faux leather offer users a luxurious and professional appearance. For corporate organizations, leather can reflect nicely on a brand, making it more suitable for cases used for business.

Hardcovers or cases produced from resins and plastics reinforce mobile devices and offer extra protection against scratches or impact. Rigged cases like that reflect nicely on brands and give phone users peace of mind.

There are other materials you can use in manufacturing cases for phones besides the ones mentioned earlier, but the important thing to remember is that you have to consider the material you want to use in manufacturing your case.

3. The Number of Phone Cases

Case manufacturers can accommodate a more special request for material and style as the quantity of your order increases. Therefore, it is crucial you know the number of cases you will order before you begin your search for a manufacturer.

For example, if you only want a dozen covers for your staff, you will pay more money for each item and have only a few customization options. If you order about 1000 cases instantly for your 3-store, you will probably pay less per item and have more customization options for the material and style. You may be presented with more even choices if you want to order covers for a whole generation of students. Regardless, know the quantity of case you require so you can find the right manufacturer capable of meeting your demands.

4. Price 

If you plan on selling your phone cases, you can determine your sale price from your market and competitive research. Then, your phone cases should be of the highest quality for the price attached to each item. Nevertheless, your budget is a determining factor- you may come across manufacturers you cannot pay.

As you look for a manufacturer, you may find one that meets your needs and expectations for material, options, and style, but their price may be on the high side. Despite that, do not eliminate high-priced manufacturers automatically because of them provide high-quality items and lifetime warranties that may be worth the price. And even so, a little negotiation may prove useful.

5. When You Need Your Phone Cases

Another important factor to consider is the timing; this can affect your phone case price and availability.

Altogether, you should take some time in planning the quality, style, material, and price that will work best for you before searching for a phone case manufacturer. Also, ensure you have plenty of time for everything and have nice plans for your order in the future. Afterward, you can begin your search for a phone case manufacturer capable of meeting your demands and requirements.

Chapter 3: Top 5 ways to find custom phone case manufacturers in China

1. Google

Whenever it is essential for you to find information, one of the widely used sources is Google. You can also find a reliable phone case manufacturer by Google. How to make it?

  • Firstly, search for some special keywords on Google, such as phone case manufacturer in China, Chinese phone case manufacturer, and custom phone case manufacturer China.
  • Secondly, pay your attention to the first page on a Google search. Generally, the results include Google Ads and organic search results.

phone case manufacturer google search results

  • Thirdly, check and filter these results and find a professional and experienced one.

A part of the organic search results is some world’s famous e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and Global sources. These e-commerce platforms usually have the highest rank because of their website authority and huge traffic. We will tell you how to find cell phone case manufacturers by these platforms later.

phone case manufacturer google results

Another part of the organic search results is some manufacturers’ official websites. These companies usually are very strong since Google has selected their websites to show on the first page, so these websites usually have high traffic and perfect user experience. You can browse main site pages to know their past work and related certifications, of course, you can contact the manufacturer online or send them emails for further details.

When you click Google Ads results showed, you will enter their website. Then you need to check their site traffic by Semrush and see their past work and certifications. Different from Google organic search results, these websites can show on the first page of Google by only high bid, so you’d better confirm whether these companies are strong and experienced.

2. Online Manufacturers & Suppliers Directory

One of the safest ways to find Chinese phone manufacturer is the use of online manufacturer & supplier directories. This is because the supplier directory site will carry out a thorough investigation of every supplier before adding it to the category. Some of the benefits include:

  • Lower risk: You’re not going to be scammed by the suppliers
  • Easier searches: Filter search results based on the exact specs you need
  • Faster research: Quickly find suppliers’ product offerings and contact information

Whenever you see a phone case manufacturer on an online directory, it means that the supplier has been verified and won’t elope with your hard-earned cash.

3. Attend trade shows or trade fairs

Whenever you attend trade shows, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss with phone case manufacturer in person about:

  • Their company values
  • Their products
  • Their production capacity
  • Their quality-control procedures

Direct interaction with the potential’s suppliers will allow you to see what they are capable of offering. There is two well-known trade show located in China each year, they are Canton fair and the East China Fair.

The Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China and it’s held twice a year in Guangzhou which is close to Hong Kong in southern China. This fair attracts thousands of attendees with a large variety of products. Buyers can easily find a reliable phone case manufacturer in such fair.

The East China Fair is the largest regional trade fair in China and it is held once every year in Shanghai. This fair usually experiences the highest number of traders, great variety of exhibits as well as most onsite deals. This implies that the fair has the highest turnover and can help in securing the best deal with a phone case manufacturer in China.

4. Chinese marketplaces

We would also like to inform you of some famous different Chinese marketplaces where you can easily get a reliable phone case manufacturer in China, such as Alibaba and is the largest B2B marketplaces in the world, and you can find most of the Chinese manufacturer on this platform. To get search results of phone case manufacturers, you can use keywords like phone case and mobile covers. You can filter phone case suppliers by supplier types and location, too.

phone case manufacturer a

But you will find it so difficult to choose one since the results are so similar and the quantity is so large. Another thing you should know is that suppliers on can pay to have a “gold supplier” status, and then pay for each keyword they target.

Global Sources has been in this business for 40 years. Manufacturers and suppliers on should pay lots of money to have a premium profile (more than on, but they will not pay for keywords they target. So I think you will find more large phone case manufacturers and run lower risks of getting scammed on this platform.

phone case manufacturer directory

5. Outsource to a sourcing agency

You can also outsource an agency who would help you in searching for a reputable manufacturer of phone case in China so that you can purchase from such company thereby establishing a long-term business relationship. There is a different agency which can help you to source phone case manufacturer in China, an example includes 80/20 Sourcing,, Easy Imex.

Chapter 4: Contacting Phone Case Manufacturers and Selecting the Best One

After creating a list of potential suppliers, you have to take a step forward by contacting every one of them to obtain specific details of their services and what they can do. Communicating with them will guide your final choices, so ensure you ask relevant questions to get all the answers you desire. The tips below will show you how to contact manufacturers for phone cases/covers and select the best one that will supply you with the product you desire.

Contacting Phone Case Manufacturers 

You can use any of the available communication routes in contacting a phone case manufacturer at first. You may want to use the telephone or email at first to make contact, and you may want to know if you can communicate through Skype or a video call once you become acquainted with such manufacturer. You can also decide to make contact via social media by leaving questions on the manufacturer’s social media profile.

You learned a lot about the phone case niche during your research, so it’s advisable you put that knowledge intelligently to use as you communicate with potential suppliers. For instance, you should use terms or vocabularies companies use in businesses to prevent any form of misunderstanding; this means you should communicate in their language. Furthermore, use your experience in finding out all the information that’s of importance to your ability to compare prospective suppliers and select the supplier that’s more likely to meet your demands.

What Questions to Ask Them? 

You should be more concerned about the quality of the product since you want to have the best possible covers or cases for their final purpose. For instance, you may have your customer’s interest at heart if you are a retailer and have plans to sell them. And it’s probably you need high-quality cases or covers with your company logo as a means promotion. Regardless of your need, ask the manufacturers you contact if they have received certifications from quality standards like ISO 9001 or 14001. For some countries like China, quality certification is very important for manufacturers.

You should also ask questions about the company’s financial stability even though most firms may not be honest with their response. Nevertheless, you need to be certain your phone case suppliers will stick around for some time to reduce the time you will likely spend identifying and vetting replacements. You can use traditional and online resources, when necessary in verifying the response you receive from the suppliers you contact.

Also, you need to talk about the production process before spending plenty of time talking about other matters. Try to know the manufacturing methods used by the company and how the quality of the final product is affected by those processes/manufacturing methods. Normally, the size of the phone case you order can influence how the company will produce your cases or covers.

After learning about phone case quality, company stability and production methods adopted by a potential supplier, you can inquire about other available services. For example, if a firm offers graphic design and packaging services, they can streamline the process of delivering your cases to the market if they can do your printing in-house before they ship your products to you. Indeed, it’s mandatory you inquire about extra costs that come with additional services.

Other relevant issues to discuss include:

  • Minimum order policies. Some case manufacturers do not accept orders lesser than the prescribed quantity. In most scenarios, the cost for each item will reduce as the quantity of the product ordered increases.
  • Timing. To know how soon you should place your order when you decide on the manufacturer to do business with, you need to ask about typical lead times and manufacturing times.
  • Samples. Find out about the sample product policy of all manufacturer you contacted. You should be able to receive initial samples early into the process followed by pre-production samples that will guide your design and anticipations.
  • Sample prices. Inquire about the amount you have to pay for the samples. You may come across manufacturers that offer samples for free, others may charge you for samples.

Choosing the Right Phone Case Manufacturer 

Contacting prospective phone case manufacturers demands you spend time getting to know about questions that matter most to you. By asking relevant questions, you can narrow your search for manufacturers that will meet your demands. Make use of the information acquired in narrowing your list of manufacturers until you get some prospects capable of meeting your requirements.

When deciding on the manufacturer you prefer, prioritize your list based on quality, price and other metrics. Once you reach a conclusion on the manufacturer you deem fit, ensure you have backups (one or two manufacturers) in case something happens with your first choice.

The next tips you will learn in this guide is for managing the manufacturing process.

Chapter 5: Managing the Manufacturing Process

You have chosen the manufacturer you feel will meet your demands and expectations, but it does not end there – you now have to discuss acceptable terms like pricing, delivery, and method of payment. Also, managing the manufacturing process is essential as it ensures you receive the product that meets your specifications. The following steps can guide you through the manufacturing process.

  • Get Initial Samples

Ask the case manufacturer to forward some samples so you can check the quality of their product. Asking for samples will help you know if their product will meet your demands and it also gives you an opportunity to request corrections before your order goes into full production mode. This process is part of the quality control process that will last through the whole production run. If you are not pleased with the samples you receive, you can give your manufacturer another opportunity to re-run the batch, or you consider another different supplier from your list of manufacturers.

  • Agree on the Design

During sample evaluation and design review, you may cooperate more with your supplier at this point than you did previously. You need to share with the supplier every detail about your product, including the artwork, colors, and dimensions associated with your cases or covers. If there’s plenty of reconciliation to do between your expectations and the samples supplied to you at first, you may want to ask for advice from your case manufacturer as well as their design services.

  • Pre-production Samples

After resolving any outstanding problems regarding your initial samples, the next thing to do is request pre-production samples. These samples should almost look like the product design after the changes identified during the previous step are implemented. If there’s a lot of deviation from your final design, you need to work with your supplier again to detect and make relevant changes or corrections. Ask for more pre-production samples if you make major changes before giving your supplier final approval for production.

  • Full Production

Your phone cases or covers will go into full production once you give approval for your final pre-production samples. During this period, you have to keep constant communication with your manufacturer to rectify any issues like delays or variances from specifications agreed upon. In case the manufacturer encounters major issues during production, you need to be ready to work hand in hand to identify how to mitigate the problem.

  • Shipping

It’s vital to know the means of shipping and the amount to pay. You can enjoy affordable shipping options when you order with plenty of lead time, such as transportation by sea for products coming from China. You can also take advantage of air freight options if you get squeezed for time.

You may turn to an alternate manufacturer in your region or country if you have a surge in demand, like during holidays. An option like that can lead to higher costs of production, but at least, you can easily receive supplemental shipments through the domestic ground and air services.

Ensure your phone cases or covers are properly packaged by your manufacturer to meet the shipping mode you have selected to prevent any damage to your product during transit.

Chapter 6: The Final Product – Your Very Own Custom Cases

You are almost ready to conduct business when you receive your initial shipment of cases or covers from your manufacturer. You need to act cautiously and methodically before putting your products up for sale, distributing it to academic clients and businesses or distributing it to end users as a means of promotion. The steps below will guide you on how to process and manage your final product.

  • Last Checkup

Even though you are excited about receiving your first shipment, don’t forget that you must maintain sound business practices. Carryout some important last-minute tasks instead of rushing to distribute or sell your phone cases. For example, you should open your shipment as soon as you can to inspect the goods sent to you.

Ensure that everything corresponds with the specifications and quantity of your order. Ensure the correct design and spelling are printed on the covers. In the occurrence of any discrepancies, contact your supplier and work out ways for a satisfactory resolution to the issue. Also, make sure you enter your order into an accounting and bookkeeping system to keep track and maintain accurate records for your business.

  • Putting Your Phone Cases to Use 

You can begin putting your product to use after going through your order and adding it to your inventory. Regardless of aim, whether you want to sell your cases from physical or virtual shelves, use them in classrooms, or distribute them to promote your company, you are finally certain that your covers or cases for phones have the right design and quality.

Now, your brand of phone covers/cases can be seen in corporate and educational environments and also in your private life. If you want your cases for educational and corporate purposes, apply the experience learned from your first order to improve the accuracy of your delivery estimates. If you run a store, keep track of your inventory and ensure you reorder your cases well enough in the future to ensure you always have them in stock.

  • The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership? 

Starting with your previous research and continuing through the availability of your finished product, you have finished all the essential steps for selecting (and possibly keeping) the best manufacture for phone cases or covers. The plans, processes, and systems you already have in place can guide and serve you continually as you reorder for your product in the future.

If you are okay or satisfied with your manufacturer, continue developing your relationship with them. Consequently, you will have a reliable supply of cases or covers for mobile devices and a source for designing and producing new items as your demand increases. Also, you will build mutual trust between you and your manufacturer that can lead to better negotiation for orders in the future. However, to stay on the safe side, keep your list of preferred manufacturers/suppliers updated – they may come in handy when you least expect.

Finally, don’t forget that your product, as well as the service you offer, communicate your company’s mission and values. Notwithstanding, whether you offer your cases or covers for sale or use them for other purposes, the time and effort you invest in the planning phase will lead to an impressive return on investment (ROI).


Selecting the wrong supplier will result in products that appear bad and cannot fit its intended device properly.

Retailers can suffer a lot from selling poorly manufactured products. Items with poor quality can prompt high return rates and lead to displeased/unsatisfied customers who will prefer shopping elsewhere. Businesses that need promotional items can also suffer from low-quality products because it dents the brand image (reflect poorly on the brand). While educational organizations that receive poor quality phone cases suffer because their brand will be associated with damaged devices.

Therefore, it is important you spend quality time when planning your order, designing your product, and choosing the best manufacture to prevent or minimize loss. By so doing, you will get good phone cases in the end that meets your market demands or creates a good reputation for your brand. In a nutshell, you should adhere to the tips mentioned in this guide to increase your likelihood of succeeding.

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