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About Phone Case Items

What are the designs that you have and who creates them?

We have a team of creative in-house designers who create the designs, From wildlife-themed cases, Kawaii designs, Caricatures, to weird yet unique and cool depictions, we have it. Get your phone individuation, our phone case will!

Also we have a cooperative packaging design partner too, assist our customers with the service from a to z, from cases products along with branding packaging solution.

What are the cases made of?

All our phone cases are made of special polycarbonate plastic material, rubber or high leather etc. that helps protect your phone from unsightly scratches, dropping or shock hazards  and other sorts of cosmetic damages, same time ensure a healthy use experience.

What are device brands and models can you print ? Custom-made designs on?

We do the major hot smartphone brands for Apple, for Samsung, for HTC, for Huawei, for LG, for Moto, for Sony, for Google etc. And the phone model such as : for iphone 5/5s, for iPhone 6/6 plus, 6s/6s plus, for iPhone 7/7 plus, for iPhone 8/8 plus, for iPhone X, for iPad mini, for Macbook, for Galaxy S6/S6 edge, S7/S7 edge, S8/S8 plus, S9/S9 plus, for HTC one X, for Huawei P10/P10 Lite, P20/P20 pro / P20 lite, Moto E5 play, Moto G6 / G6 play, LG G6, LG G7 ThinQ, LG X Power 3 etc.

What are the unique features? How do you differentiate yourself from other similar products?

1) LeMoTong adheres to three standards for providing “value service”: Correct commercial sensitivity, and timely knowledge of the mobile phone case industry knowledge and information, and efficient and comfortable communication.
The types of customers that LeMoTong now serves include: Selling on line (My Gadget Case, Cayenne Online), Amazon brand seller (One Thing), Branding customize (Cesium, OX cases), Branding chain (Blancheweb), Online and offline selling brand Retailer (, Distributor (Finger Click Spa), and Customize Projects (Ok Originals, Gilmass Design). We are familiar with the business model of each type of buyer and help us to provide the right solution to our cooperative customers; LeMoTong maintains mutual learning with the industry, and communicates relevant knowledge to each person in the team at the weekly company internal training meeting to ensure that the solution proposed by our team is The most appropriate time; “customer-centric” corresponding to the adhoc project group mechanism to ensure that we provide customers with efficient and enjoyable communication.

2) We have our own R&D department, and always we have 5-10 new items every month, we push & send samples to our clients with these to push new market share please.

3) We think that the realization of brand value from the presentation of the product, so we over 15 employees on packaging line, with over 10 years experience, we offer the fast reaction & reliable solution for your brand packaging to create much more brand value.

About Cooperation Details

Are you Manufacturer or Trading company?

We are the reliable supplier. We have been engaged in this field for more than 12 years. So conform to the product value of the price can be kept our customers win high consumer satisfaction . And the quality for products & after service are reliable to make you easy purchasing but more attention to your marketing. We brings you the newest and the most trusted supply project of our mobile phone case items which will take your phone lifestyle to a whole new level.

What's your best price?

Perhaps LeMoTong can’t guarantee the price we offered is the cheapest one,we can ensure the most reasonable price provided,and keep its competitive in the end-market.In addition,we will focus on assist customer’s brand growth and build up the reputation,so the reasonable price can maintain the fair profit for our partner,what’s more,to ensure the stability and high efficiency of the supply system.

How can I get the samples?

Let our sales consultant team know the samples you want, then you will get the samples very soon based on your agreement with freight payment etc .

Or offering a chance to have mutual understanding communication with our sales team, then let us offer the reasonable solution to make your idea to be the exact products you are imaging.

How much the transportation freight will be?

The freight depends on the weight & packing size and your area, What we are doing that cooperate with shipping company like as FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT etc. to make delivery fast & safe, with a low & reasonable freight, Time is Gold, we firstly focus this value for all our customers.

LeMoTong phone cases manufacturer insist one thing all the time, we ensure fast & in time delivery, we can guarantee more than 95% of on-time delivery, so that everything happens in the customer’s plan.

How can I get your price list?

Please feel freely to contact us on phone or send us an inquiry, then we can send you the price list and more information by email.

Call us directly (whatsapp): 86 136 7007 8058

Or email us : [email protected]

How to order?

Please send us your purchase order by email or you can ask us to send you a proforma invoice for your order. We need to know the following information for your order.

(1) Shipping information- Company name, street address, phone number, Zip code, destination sea port.

(2) Product information- Quantity, Specification

(3) Delivery time required

(4) Forwarder’s contact details if there’s any in China.

(5) Payment method (T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal etc)

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