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5 DIY Clear Phone Cases Ideas to Decorate Your Phone

We all want to be able to change our phone cases just the same way we change nail phone but that will be very expensive. Considering our budget, we may not be able to even afford that desired phone case we so much admire. There are different phone cases idea which you can try at the comfort of your home with little cash. It will merely awake the creative nature in you as you interpret your feeling and love in designing your phone and this will leave people continually admiring your phone.

Another good thing is it can be done in less than 10 mins and have the opportunity to change your cases as frequently as you want without thinking about your budget. The materials needed mostly is a clear phone case (you can buy clear phone cases in bulk here) that cost about 1 dollar, paper, X-Acto knife, Q- tip, tapes (washi tapes, painter tapes), flower, glue, glitter etc. Highlighted below are super cool ideas you can try out to your phone case.

Here are 5 good ideas to decorate your clear phone case:


This is a lovely idea to beautify an old phone case or anyone that wants to show off their color of your smartphone and also add some glitz to the mix. The materials needed are a paper that can be cut into the size of the phone with the X-Acto knife the camera hole must be cut out carefully. The glitter is mixed appropriately with sticky glue. It is essential that the case of the phone is clean properly to remove dust and dirt to enable the glitter stick properly. After cleaning, a paintbrush is used to apply the glitters + gum on the surface of the case. It is allowed to dry for a little then apply another layer. When it finally sits in, the phone can be shaken to remove excess glitters.


The materials needed for this just nail polishes, a bowl of water and transparent case. It is advisable you use an old bowl; nail polish is added into water and swirls appropriately. When the marbling is done to your liking, dip the case in and leave to dry. The best result is achieved using three complementary nail polish colors.


These can be achieved using different patterns of washi tape and a transparent case. The washi tape must be used to cover the case carefully without bubbles and it can be done to your test and style.


This is also a straightforward method of beautifying your phone case, the materials needed are the just clear case and different colors of nail polishes. The nail polish can be added as a drop on the case in alternating color and careful to bring out a creative design.


Various lovely design that can be used for the phone has been made open by designers online and this can be downloaded and cut into the shape of the phone case. The camera hold should be carefully cut out with an X-Acto knife and the design can then be glued to the case.

  • Watercolor

Different designs can be drawn out and painted with watercolor depending on your choice, this can then be glued to the phone case.

Different DIY phone cases ideas are available and are easy to do even if you are not creative. They are little things you can do to beautify your phone from time to time at little cost. Check for beautiful phone cases.

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