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What is a TPU Case?

With the popularity of digital products, like the smartphone, Apple laptop, tablets, Kindle, the derivatives, and accessories are also becoming increasingly popular, especially the protective case, the protective cell phone case for the smartphone, the protective case for tablet and…

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Honesty Wins Respect LeMoTong

As the reliable and stable supplier of phone case and mobile accessories,our LeMoTong phone case supplier team has gained more and more customers recognition. What's more,customers would like to visit us and discuss with us face to face frequently. Mr. Rizek Khalifeh is one of them,as the authorized dealer of the T-Mobile,he runs as many as 60 stores in USA, you can imagine how busy his schedule is for two weeks trip in China this time. We've had a short meeting at HongKong Global Source Mobile Electronics Fair last week, today he pay a visit on our company by himself to discuss the mode of cooperation. I think it is our professional attitude that has been recognized by our customers. People decide what you're like before they even get to know you. If you want to be a good sales, the first thing to learn is try to become professional, of cousre, every one in LeMoTong Phone case OEM /ODM team the target is that, Service to 100 customers satisfaction, on the…

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